‘Twas Two Weeks Before Christmas

Avon Christmas

‘Twas two weeks before Christmas and all through the town; People were frantic, some felt a bit down. Oh dear, what to do? Their shopping’s not done; They still need more gifts, some need more than one! No need to panic, no need to fear; Your worry is over, your Avon Lady is here! I’ve […]

‘Twas The Month Before Christmas…

Avon Christmas Tree

‘Twas the month before Christmas and all though the town, Not a mum was relaxing or fooling around. “So much to get done,” said some with a sigh, “I’ll never get through it,” others did cry. The names on their lists, they continued to grow, And how they would find the right gifts, I don’t […]

Do You Have A Gift For Gift Buying?

Christmas bauble

How are your Christmas / Holiday preparations coming along? Have you started any shopping yet? I know, Christmas isn’t about gift-giving (no, really – it isn’t) but when it comes to gift buying this season, there are those who ‘get it’. And those who, um, don’t! Have you noticed, that whatever the occasion, there are […]

Buy Pink For A Cause

Avon breast cancer crusade pin

What do all the products on this page have in common… apart from their colour, of course? Quite simply, if you choose to buy any of these items then you will be helping to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Read on for details of 3 fab products, exclusively available through Avon – and let […]

I Hate My Job!

Dream Big

I hate my job! Have you ever said that? Unless you are very fortunate, I think we’ve all said that at some point. I know I certainly have. Many times. Actually, I don’t hate my job; I really rather LOVE it. But there was a time when it wasn’t so. Not so long ago, I […]

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