8 Simple Ways To Promote Your Avon Biz Whilst Enjoying The Summer Sun!

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The children are off school, the Olympics have begun… summer has arrived!

But one lazy day in the sunshine leads to two, and before you know it, September has arrived and your business hasn’t grown. Worse, it may have shrunk!

Promoting your business EVERYDAY is an easy task, and with practice, will slip seamlessly into your every day life.

8 Simple Ways To Promote Your Avon Biz Whilst Enjoying The Summer Sun!

by Natalie Collinson

Carry Avon product at all times

That’s got to be the easiest, right?! Whether it’s a lipgloss in your bag or a watch on your wrist, carrying an Avon product with you every day will not only serve as a reminder to think ‘business’ but also acts as the perfect opportunity to strike up conversation when out and about. Why not pop a bottle of sun protection in your bag and offer it around on a hot day. Or, spritz some Skin So Soft Dry Oil Body Spray and share those ‘bug benefits!’. Let those around you know YOU are the local Avon Man / Lady and are proud to endorse our products!

Carry or wear Avon logo items

Have an Avon t-shirt, pin, badge or bag? Our iconic brand is instantly recognisable the world over.

Pssst. If you’re a mum, the Leadership bags and business bags make GREAT nappy changing bags :)

Have a bumper sticker, decal or magnetic sign on your car

How often do you read the signage on the car in front? ALL the time!

Check out the FREE stickers and signs you can get from Vistaprint – my favourite company for lo-cost business stationery! (Top tip: select the slow shipping option to save on delivery costs!) If you are after something more fancy, pay a visit to your local car signage company. It’s not as expensive as you may think.

Record a message on your answerphone

Set-up a personalised message on your answerphone, re-assuring callers that they have reached the correct number. When returning their call, let them know you were enjoying a ‘Beach Day!’ as one of the many benefits of working a flexible Avon business.

Update your email signature

If you haven’t already, update your email signature to invite recipients to connect with you on social media. A great sharing tool where you can show the summer fun you have as an Avon Rep or Sales Leader. You could also include a seasonal offer, exclusively for your email contacts.

Carry business cards and catalogues at all times

Be prepared! When the conversation turns to Avon – which it will! – be prepared to pull out an Avon book or business card. Leave a few wherever you go… you never know who will pick one up!

Advertise in freebie publications

Lots of people are looking for ‘summer work’ or extra money over the summer months. We have a superb earning opportunity with flexibility you cannot find in conventional employment. It needn’t be short-term either. After summer, quickly comes Christmas – and a great way to save more £££s !

Book Days Out

Lots of them! Book days out and go on fun road trips and expeditions.

Go where the people are and challenge yourself to speak to 5 new people every day. If you are holidaying in the UK – this is a superb way to build a national team and have great fun, too!


There are HUNDREDS of ways to promote your Avon business whilst enjoying time with your family and relaxing in the summer sun.

How do you promote your Avon biz?

Scroll down and leave a comment – share your best ideas!

Natalie Collinson, The Beauty Leader

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