Is Your AVON Re-Order Process A “Piece of Cake?”

Last weekend I had an AVON stall at a small, local Christmas Fair. It was an opportunity for me to promote my AVON business in my local community and a place where I could meet new customers, discover future AVON team members and welcome new AVON party hostesses.

These fairs always have a cake stall, and I always end up buying from them. (It has nothing to do with my cupcake addiction, I just like to support local businesses, ya know…!)

But my latest purchase left me wondering… “Is your AVON re-order process, a ‘piece of cake’?”



Look at these two cakes. Lovingly made and beautifully decorated, all wrapped up in a pretty cello and tied with Christmas ribbon. A LOT of thought went into those cakes.

By the time I got home I was thinking what a great little gift these would make – for teachers at school, a gift to take along at Christmas dinner parties and even for the neighbours. Wanting to order more, I carefully looked underneath and was so disappointed to discover there was NO contact information.

I have no way of getting in touch with the vendors to buy any more!

Now I could go to the trouble of finding my event booking form, contacting the event organiser, asking her to check her files and get the bakers information.

But I won’t.

How Easy is Your AVON Re-order Process?

Don’t make it difficult for customers to buy from you again. If they have to hunt you down, they won’t.

Make sure that after every contact you have with your customer (or a prospective customer, Representative or party hostess) they have a means to get in contact with you. Even if just to ask questions. Don’t assume because you see them every few weeks that they will remember your name and details. They won’t.

  • Hand out business cards to everyone you meet
  • Ensure your details are on brochures and promotional material
  • Include a re-order slip with deliveries
  • Send a follow-up email with your contact details and recommend they save for future reference
Better still, ask for THEIR contact information.
  • Send an email to thank them for their time / business
  • Invite them to join you on Facebook or Twitter
  • Send them your latest newsletter so they receive a regular communication from you
  • Make a follow up call to see how their supply levels are running
The best product in the world will not grow your business if your customers have no way of coming back to you, nor you contacting them.

As delightful as those cakes were (and they were good!) I am sad that I cannot buy more – I would have been a regular customer! I’m also sad that I cannot promote the local business name here and share it amongst my network.

Do you have a re-order process? Scroll down below and share in the comments field – I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Great reminder for all of us in sales; thanks Natalie!

  2. Yes Natalie this is a great reminder! I do always try to make sure they have my contact info but definitely I opening when you have an experience like you had. So sad too because those little cakes do look yummy!

  3. Great reminder Natalie! I have my info on the back of all of my brochures and I always include an order form with my contact info on it as well.

    • Ashley, you sound well organised :)

      Do you collect your brochures back from your customers? I’d love to hear how you leave your info with them inbetween visits?

  4. Hi Natalie repeat business is big business! I love what you have here I also use my contact labels and stick them to all the products I deliver simply saying to reorder this product contact Marsha on ……
    that way my numbers always on hand when they need to replenish :-)

  5. Hi Natalie, love your website, and these tips are great :)

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