AVON Notes and Postcards: FREE downloads

The following free AVON notes and postcard downloads are available for you to use in your AVON business making brochure drops, orders and deliveries simple and convenient to both you and your AVON customer.

Available in PDF format, simply click the image or the text link to print.

If you are unable to open these files, it may mean that you do not have the PDF reader application installed on your computer. Download Adobe Reader here for free.

Avon brochure drop note flyer postcard


AVON “Brochure Drop”

Download and print 4-to-a-page




I will call to collect

AVON “I will call to collect on… “

Download and print 4-to-a-page




Avon thank you for your order note flyer postcard

AVON “Thank you for your order”

Download and print 4-to-a-page





AVON thank you for your custom note flyer postcard

AVON “Thank you for your custom”

Download and print 4-to-a-page




|Avon sorry I missed you note flyer postcardAVON “Sorry I missed you”

“I tried to deliver your order but you weren’t in”

Download and print 4-to-a-page



sorry_note_avonAVON “Sorry Product Sold Out”

“We’re sorry, the above product is/has….

Download and print 4-to-a-page



Do you require any additional AVON notes, postcards or templates?

Send me a message or scroll down the page and leave a comment below and I will get it uploaded for you!

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  1. Wow what a fantastic site, well done xx

    • Thank you for stopping by, Clare!

      • Hello Natalie, I was just wondering if you had any templates for order reminders and/or to obtain a new customer?

        • Hi Ashley, thank you for stopping by!

          What do you mean by ‘order reminders?’ Is this for customers of for your team of Avon Reps?

          To find new customers I use a wide variety of ways – not limited to just a template. This could be as simple as recanvassing, asking friends and customers for referrals, Facebook, notes on order forms, poster in shop windows – the options are endless!

          Let me know how I can help you :)

      • Hi Natalie, I just started during Avon but people in my ter are not ordering, can you help me with any tip that could help me please.

  2. Christine says:

    Just downloaded your ‘I will call to collect’ thank you so much! Christine

  3. Jeannifer says:

    This is brilliant!! Will download all of them. Many Thanks ^_^ xxx

  4. Hi, thanks for sharing these, but I can’t seem to type my details on the PDF files. Are you able to save them as Word files?


  5. Hi, thanks for sharing your personal forms, I have copied and saved them for my own use in future. Great personalised touch to generate more customers. Many Thanks xxxx

  6. I love your site and I haven’t even explored it yet, I am a newbee as a Avon rep and I would love to hear from you.
    Thank you

  7. hi natalie,
    have downloaded these forms, great tool to use,have downloaded and saved, might get my brochures back!! Thanks:D

    • Hi Dot,

      Thank you for stopping by. I’m glad you can put these to good use!

      Do you knock the door if customers don’t leave them outside? You will find you receive a significant number of books back if you do – many people simply forget! Also, it’s a great opportunity to introduce yourself and strike up a conversation.

      If they still forget to leave the book outside after you have left a note, why not leave a final note (in case they are on holiday) inviting them to call or shop from your eBrochure online if they wish to place an order. You might as well – you are there anyway!

  8. Very excited you are a sweetheart to share all of this! I been in since March and made president club and unit leader last month! I will definitely be checking in to read What’s New !! You are very talented!

    • Carla, congratulations on your achievements!!!

      Do check back and new content is shared all the time – please feel welcome to subscribe to my newsletter link above too and have it delivered straight to your inbox :)

  9. Hello Natalie,

    Lovely site! I was looking for a template for a note to give to clients when items are backordered and also no longer available. Would like to suggest if it’s backordered that they consider taking a credit rather than a refund. Do you have anything like these? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for stopping by! I don’t have anything quite so specific as what you are looking for, but I do have similar!

      I’ve uploaded it above – it’s the last attachment on the Page. I hope this helps!

  10. thank you so much for all these documents these really help to get your business moving smoothly thank you for taking all the time to create this web page and supply to us. :)

  11. Hi Natalie! This is a great site! I was wondering if you had any postcard templates for possible recruits. I have people who have expressed an interest in selling Avon and I have followed up with them via email and phone but I thought it would be nice to send them a postcard too.

  12. Lillian Jacobs says:

    Thank you:) I print all of them, I just start Avon and want to do it the righ way…thank you

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