15 AVON Facts That Make You Go, “Wow!”

Have you ever stopped to consider the HUGELY incredible impact you, as an AVON Rep, have on the world?

Check out these 15 AVON facts below and see just what a phenomenal contribution you make each and every day!

None of this would be possible without you and of course, our amazing and loyal customers to whom we are very thankful.

You are all awesome :)

AVON Globally

  • Established in the US in 1886, AVON Products Inc. is the worlds largest direct selling beauty business.
  • There are 5.5 million AVON Sales Representatives around the world in over 100 countries, reaching more than a billion customers
  • AVON Representatives around the world earn more than $6 billion annually
  • Global annual revenues were at $10 billion in 2008
  • More beauty products carry the AVON brand name than any other in the world
  • AVON sells more bottles of fragrance than any other company in the world
  • More women wear AVON nail enamel than any other brand in the world
  • More than 600 million brochures in 25 languages are distributed worldwide each year, offering  a range of 7,500 products
  • AVON is the world’s largest corporate supporter of the breast cancer cause. Since 1992 it has raised $585 million for breast cancer charities and $650 million for women’s causes worldwide
AVON Perfume Fragrance


  • AVON sells more lipstick, nail enamel, eye make-up, fragrance and skincare than any other brand in the UK (according to independent market researchers, TNS)
  • AVON Representatives invest as much time in their AVON business as they choose, selling from as little as a couple of lipsticks a week to their friends for extra spending money, to running businesses of over 500 Reps turning over £ millions of pounds a year.
  • One in three women in the UK is an AVON customer (according to independent market researchers Ipsos MORI)
  • Six million women in the UK see an AVON brochure every 3 weeks
  • 750,000 products are shipped everyday at AVON Cosmetics UK’s distribution centre in Corby
  • AVON UK has raised over £14 million for breast cancer charities since 1992

Do you have an AVON fact to share?

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